High-fashion brand Reveals

Born05 launches digital high-fashion brand Reveals

November 29 2022 News

Wear what you want to share

November 29, 2022 – Today Born05 launched their own high-fashion brand: Reveals. The launch was marked by their first statement scarf with a digital twist. Every scarf is unique and reveals personal information about its owner via a QR-code.

Digital branding agency Born05 has been working towards this moment for 1,5 years. With a track record of 15 years of putting creativity to work for the most well-known Dutch brands, the time has come to launch their own brand.

Dennis van Vugt, Born05 Managing Director: “Reveals truly feels like a Born05 brand, where the digital adds value to the physical. Reveals finds its foundation in the core properties of fashion. Wardrobes are an expression of who we are. We live in an era of social sharing, but a large part of us remains unrevealed. This insight has led to the creative concept of Reveals: fashion with a digital twist, to reveal new things about yourself.”

Zeferino de Fretes, Born05 Senior Designer: “My outfit is a way to showcase my personality. Reveals takes this to the next level. Every item is branded with a QR-code that leads to a digital environment where you can collect and show personal digital content, such as your favorite Spotify-playlist, a YouTube-video, or a blog post. This way you always bring your favorite items, whether it be music or art, with you.”

The Reveals scarf is available in the colors black & white, brown & black and green & black for €95 on reveals.clothing.

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