December 6 2022 News

A whitepaper on the future of creativity and brands

Amsterdam, December 6 2022 - Today cultural intelligence agency AMARU is releasing its inaugural whitepaper. In order to better understand where our fast moving society is heading, AMARU conducted research into tech and culture from both macro and micro perspectives. This resulted in the agency's first whitepaper, titled: CULTURE + CHAOS + COMMUNITY.

In this whitepaper, AMARU argues that most of the current challenges for the creative industry are connected to reproducing structures of the past while trying to keep up with the present for brands that are looking to stay relevant in the future. As a result, both the creative industry itself - as well as the output for the brands they represent - don’t mirror the current social climate on a global scale. Therefore they’re maintaining questionable structures in terms of value, collaboration and creativity in its purest form.

To offer a fresh perspective on the future of brands and the creative industry, AMARU took a deep dive into two of the key pillars currently driving the evolution of society: culture and technology. Drawing connections between the two offers a philosophy that can move our society forward into a new era of creativity. The era of CULTURE + CHAOS + COMMUNITY.

The content of the whitepaper was presented during the second edition of AMARU’s Culturally Courageous Conversations at Club ACE in Amsterdam. AMARU dived into the very fabric of culture, to unpack consumer shifts through cultural intelligence, in a culturally courageous conversation between thought leaders and decision-makers from community, culture and communications.


  • Strategy Director: Amber Haank
  • Strategy: Jasemen Nassab and Raphael de Jong
  • Art Direction and Design: Alizée Bollen
  • Design: Fèmi Aboh
  • Photography: Fèmi Aboh, Jasmijn van Buytene, Revenna Belfor, Emilio de Haan
  • Managing Director: Leroy Niemel
  • Account Management: Naina Soerjoesing
  • Community Director: Angelo Bromet
  • Editor: Mikel van den Boogaard

Special thanks to: Prospect Eleven, Hatem Agina, Maru Asmellash, James Bergwijn, Naomi Brusselman, Andy Corinde, Miranda van Gendt, Ngoc Hoang, Edmund Howard, Jamal Jama, Tisja Janssen, Razeen Khattab, Ayra Kip, Pay Kolmüs, Marvin Koppejan, Misha van de Lande, Tim Lorijn, Naaz Mohammad, Geraldine Moodley, Myles O’Meally, Nadine Ridder, Awura Abena Simpe, Willem Sizoo, Miguel Teixeira, Baba Touré, Shaquille Veldboom, Georgina Vieane.


AMARU is a cultural intelligence agency, based in Amsterdam Southeast, leading the way towards an equal future for all, by building a bridge of true inclusion through culture, community and communication. The methodology of AMARU revolves around two key pillars: ACADEMY and CONSULTANCY. As ACE’s in-house ACADEMY, AMARU educates and places culturally diverse talent within its new breed network and raises awareness through cultural education. The CONSULTANCY pillar focusses on adding value by adding perspective through cultural intelligence, education and strategy.

About ACE

ACE is a new breed network with 12 labels: HERC, Born05, Blauw Gras, Glasnost, Airborne, Fitzgerald, IM Lounge, Newborn, Label A, Off The Record, AMARU and Content Icons. ACE is constantly working on a comprehensive offering for brands to remain relevant in the rapidly changing world. 320+ people work from offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Brands such as Unilever, 538, Porsche, Samsung, Young Capital and Zalando are part of the portfolio.

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